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Pinkfriargate opens in Hull!

A Public Art Installation along historic Whitefriargate in Hull by Pinkyvision, celebrating Hull and it’s place at the heart of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 09/10.

The seven banners represent the seven legs of the race, illustrating the places and people visited along the way.  The windows are more about Hull’s unique, individual spirit and landmarks.

Pinkfriargate will be open for the next 10 weeks (until mid august). The Clippers arrive back in Hull on July 17th so go visit.

My HUGE public art installation opens on Friday 28th May at

Whitefriargate in the historic heart of Hull.

The piece will be up for 10 weeks over the summer to coincide with the

Clipper Round the World Yacht race.

Get Ready Get Steady GO GO GO!!!!


photos soon….

You and Me

You and Me

You and Me

Freestyle Papercut for an upcoming Exhibition

stay tuned…

 i have a NEW Limited collection of Screenprints in the BUY section

The elements of each print are made from papercut screens

making each print unique and super limited.

More too follow!

Here’s a new painting I did for an amazing group show at The Grass Hut over in Portland Oregon USA.

Acrylic on wood 18″x18″


The Pinkyvision Penthouse at the super cool Artist Residence Hotel is now open!

Sea view, mini soaps, t.v, and Pinkyvision LOVE.

Book now. More pictures here….


Now available in the Pinkyvision BUY section

Handcut one off original Love Hearts


Papercuts now available online in the BUY Section

Have a good solstice y’all…

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