I started a little etsy shop, the link is in the ME section.

I’ll still be putting most of my new work here on the Pinkyvision site, but check out the etsy for some fun little papercuts!

Also keep your eyes peeled for a brand new screenprint coming soon!!

Pinkyvision kite seen flying high on the seafront in Brighton!

Hello everyone!

Check out this….. 

The original screen print from my solo show at Best back in 2004.

Only a handful of these left now – from an edition of 100.

They’re are big, glossy and will remind you of the sea!

What more could you ask for?

check the BUY section


Pinkyvision scalpel magic!

Hand cut straight out of a single piece of card with no pre drawing at all.

These where done for the Ink_D Gallery Christmas show in Brighton.


But don’t worry brand new work arriving in Ink_D any day now!

Thank you for visiting Pinkyvision. The response to the site has been amazing!

It’s good to know you’re all out there…

Also check out the new hand painted owls in the BUY section under paintings.

These are all one off pieces made and painted here at the Pinkyvision studios!

Hello and welcome to Pinkyvision.

My very own website at last!

So dive in and explore, there’s lots to see – The Shows, Twenty years of Art on Walls, Illustration, The Studio and all about Me!

Visit the BUY section, where you can purchase this brand new limited edition screen print – The Fear

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Remember friends – Everything looks better with Pinkyvision.


A collection of recent illustration work.

Keep checking back for new work!

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This is where it all began
With a spray can
Learning how to think big
Learning how to flip your wig
Big themes and dreams
Big colour schemes
Working with other Artists
To common goals
Painting every day
Painting our souls on the walls
Wanting to create out of concrete
To be totally driven
Twenty years later we have Pinkyvision!

An illustration for the MTV charity website:

The legendary DJ Pork keeps the kids on their toes Every Saturday at the Lamp in Hull and once a month at The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London. Nuff said.

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