This is where it all began
With a spray can
Learning how to think big
Learning how to flip your wig
Big themes and dreams
Big colour schemes
Working with other Artists
To common goals
Painting every day
Painting our souls on the walls
Wanting to create out of concrete
To be totally driven
Twenty years later we have Pinkyvision!

An illustration for the MTV charity website:

The legendary DJ Pork keeps the kids on their toes Every Saturday at the Lamp in Hull and once a month at The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London. Nuff said.

Bordercommunity Recordings got in touch with me to create a papercut album cover for Fairmont, one of their artists.
The finished result looks great and the album has had rave reviews.

This is my first collection for the Japanese tee shirt label Artee… The gold foil and black works a treat I think you’ll agree.

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