Light up your world with pinkyvision wallpaper for your computer. This one’s called “Yes Sun” and has an energy-saving black background (monitors require less energy to display dark screens than light ones). Enjoy!

The Brighton Studio where Pinkyvision is created!

Freestyle papercuts. These are all hand-cut with a very sharp knife and a lot of concentration. No pre-drawing. It’s all straight off the dome!

The secrets of the suburbs… These photos document the West London garden studio I worked in before moving down to Brighton to be by the sea.

The Funkywormhole Sound System is a labour of love. They asked me to paint up the the Bass scoops, it was an honour! Bass how low can you go?

These papercuts where done whilst traveling on the West Coast of America in the Autumn of 2006. Bought by the good people of Gallery 683 on the lower Haight San Francisco. If you’re in SF you should go visit the store it’s a world of native American and original sixties psychedelic poster art. Turn on….

The apple features regularly in my work, it represents the temptations in life. These real apples have been put on the streets of London, Liverpool, St Ives, Amsterdam and Brighton. If you’re really lucky you might even see one!

St Ives is an amazing town in the wilds of Cornwall. Big Surf, great light and an inspiration for artists like Terry Frost and Patrick Heron. A magical place!

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