Representing the people of the North of England with a big solo show in Hull. The exhibition took place at The Lamp, Hull’s legendary late night venue. They Live Like Legends up there.

A request went out for the Pinkyvision style, Timberlake was partying on the 5th floor of Harvey Nicks. I responded with a world of skulls and girls in sunglasses. Timbers loved it. Thanks to Paris Hair for his assistance on this project.

This one I enjoyed a lot! When Vader calls you gotta say yes. He’s now back at the Skywalker Ranch chillin with George.

My first show in Brighton took place at Toylife. Handmade papercut dudes in effect.

Pinky hits the North West with his first solo show in Seattle USA!

Berlin is below freezing in January, but it doesn’t stop the people coming out to party. Big love to everyone at Miss Hecker.

Abe Lincoln Jnr asked me to be in his group show of Biker Vests. Once I realised he meant a waistcoat it was all good. Painted in a San Francisco Hotel, exhibited in Sacremento.

Paper only group show at Dreambags in East London. I displayed the papercuts to spell out the word LOVE. Did you get it?

Hull’s artistic talent has spread all over the place. London, Bristol, Brighton. The first apperance of the papercut.

Painted live on site with Paris Hair at the Big Chill. The festival goers just went crazy for this one.

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